Looking back on the last RDM Experts Community meeting of 2021

Published on 10 Jan 2022

On 14 December, we organised the last Research Data Management (RDM) Experts Community meeting of 2021 for RDM support professionals from Maastricht University and MUMC+. The program consisted of a demo of the Ldot Application by David Moonen from MEMIC and a presentation on the REDSUM project by FASoS.

David Moonen, application consultant at MEMIC, the center for data and information management at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences of Maastricht University and MUMC+, showed us Ldot, a research workflow support system and study management application aimed at improving scientific data quality by formalizing, securing and simplifying study logistics. The application is especially useful for, but not limited to, large studies and can be used by researchers in all disciplines. Check the Ldot website for more information or contact the team via ldot-memic@maastrichtuniversity.nl .

Next was a presentation on REDSUM by Maria Vivas Romero (data steward of FASoS). REDSUM is a system being developed to implement GDPR research registration and to organise the RDM workflow within FASoS. The goal of the system is to have a single point of contact for researchers, to reduce administrative burden, and to allow research support to track the status of projects, giving them a much better overview of what is happening within the faculty in terms of research. 

The meeting was concluded with a Wooclap session to collect input for the RDM Experts Community meetings that will be organised in 2022. The RDM team will make an inventory of the proposed topics and the RDM Experts Community will start meeting again in February to discuss relevant RDM topics. Keep an eye on our RDM portal and newsletter for the schedule and agenda of the next RDM Experts Community meeting and do not hesitate to contact us at rdm-services@maastrichtuniversity.nl if you want to know more about the RDM Experts Community.

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