Publishing in Open Access is definitely rising. The shift towards Open Access can be witnessed and experienced on – for example – the national NARCIS portal. NARCIS reached a milestone today: the platform offers you now 500,000 Open Access publications from Dutch scientists.

Besides the added value you experience towards exposure and impact, the policies of funders, universities and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science stimulate the changing behaviour towards Open Access. In addition, the outcome of the negotiations with the big publishers has a positive effect by taking away the financial hurdle for you as an individual Dutch researcher to publish in Open Access. Through these incentives your research output becomes more open: visible, findable and more citable.

Pure and NARCIS 

Articles and books can be published in Open Access via the publisher’s channels, but also made accessible via institutional repositories. The national platform NARCIS harvests all Current Research Information System (in short CRIS) data in the Netherlands regarding the locally registered publications. For Maastricht University, Pure is the CRIS to register and upload your publications.

NARCIS provides access to academic information, including Open Access publications from the repositories of all Dutch universities, KNAW and NWO. Maastricht University contributed around 9% to the milestone of 500,000.

Want to know more?

  • For Open Access information, please go to the UM Library Open Access portal or contact UM OA specialist Ron Aardening.
  • For Pure or UM Research Publications:
    If you have general questions, check out the FAQ list on the Pure support portal. For specific queries or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact the Support Team (via the contact form on the portal). Questions about faculty-specific matters will be directed to your faculty representative in the Support Team.