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Updated on 10 Jul 2020 | Published on 06 Jul 2020

The UM Library recently subscribed to EU Law Live. EU Law Live produces news updates, analyses, and “Op-Eds” by a network of analysts; researchers, EU lawyers, and the editorial board. Other features are Events, Morning Agenda, Library, Weekend Edition, Special Reports and Editorial Comments.



EU Law Live produces News (brief legal updates), Analyses (a more in-depth examination of the law), and Op-Eds (detailed opinion pieces) throughout the week covering the latest developments related to EU Law.

On a daily basis, EU Law Live also publishes a Morning Agenda covering the main events of the day that have a legal impact, related to the EU Institutions of legal relevance. In addition, on a more irregular basis, they cover the latest books that have been released by leading publishers, as well as events and other relevant activities of interest for EU lawyers. In addition, EU Law Live publishes a Weekend Edition every Friday, as well as a monthly Podcast Series and curated Special Reports on specific subject matters of interest for EU lawyers.

The Morning Agenda is available every day at 7.30am.



Direct link: EU Law Live
EU Law Live, among other databases, also available via our list of Databases in the Online Library.



In case you have a question regarding EU Law Live, please contact Ask Your Librarian.

Author: Angélique Bessems, Specialist Legal Scientific Information & Skills Support


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.

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