New PubMed is coming!

Published on 13 May 2020

PubMed is changing the look and feel but is also updating the functionalities.


New PubMed

The new PubMed will become the default on 18 May 2020, but the legacy of PubMed is still available. National Library of Medicine will continue to run the legacy system in parallel for a short period of time after the new PubMed becomes the default. During this time, both sites will continue to receive updates to citation data. After a short time, the legacy PubMed site will be retired.


Why changing PubMed?

The new PubMed is completely rebuilt on a new technology platform. This is important for the future sustainability and scalability of PubMed and other NCBI resources.

One of the most visible improvements is the responsive design of the new site. Responsive design means that the site can be used on any device – mobile, desktop, or tablet – with the same features and functionality. Previously, only a very basic version of PubMed was available on mobile.
The new PubMed includes also new syntax functionalities.


Some major changes

Some major changes in search syntax and search translations:

  • Automatic Term Mapping has been augmented to include additional British and American spellings, singular and plural word forms, and other synonyms to provide more consistent and comprehensive search retrieval.
  • Truncated terms are no longer limited to the first 600 variations of a term.
  • Truncation no longer causes automatically phrase search.

The new PubMed is completely rebuilt with updated technology. Since legacy and new PubMed are two separate systems, citation counts will not always match up. Indexing is done at different times for each system, so additions, deletions (e.g., removing duplicates), or updates to records do not take effect at the same time in both places.
Collections and saved searches are stored in your My NCBI account and will continue to be available in the new site.


Where can I get help with using the new site?

The PubMed User Guide includes FAQs and documentation for the new site.

The New PubMed: Trainer’s Toolkit offers slide decks, quick tours, and other instructional materials.

Additional training materials are outlined in the NLM Technical Bulletin article, PubMed Essentials: New Quick Tours and On-Demand Class on the New PubMed.

Use the “Support Center” link at the bottom right of every page to search the Knowledge Base or to write to the help desk.



Direct link: PubMed
PubMed, among other databases, also available via our list of Databases in the Online Library.


More questions about the current and new PubMed browser?

In case you have further questions.regarding the new PubMed, you can contact:


Author: Gregor Franssen, Specialist Scientific Information & Skills Support FHML/MUMC+


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.

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