Pure & Research Publications portal completely renewed

Pure & Research Publications portal completely renewed

Published on 17 Feb 2020

We are happy to announce that Maastricht University and MUMC+ have a completely new Pure. Pure and associated services, such as the Research Publications portal, have been back in operation since Monday 17 February. Due to the cyber attack end December, Pure was not available for users and visitors for weeks. We have used the downtime to continue the planned migration to the new cloud platform without additional inconvenience for you. As a result we now use the latest version of Pure with improved user experience and new functionalities.

New look for the Research Publications portal

The Research Publications portal, the window for the research outputs in Pure, has a whole new look. We have switched to the standard Pure cloud portal, which also means better findability and accessibility. And innovations and improvements can be implemented immediately.

Research Publications Portal

Research Publications also offers new functions such as displaying altmetrics (PlumX and Altmetric) and social media sharing, ensuring that shared messages are followed and measured. The new portal works intuitively and may also feel familiar. The portal corresponds to the research portals at other universities that use Pure.

In the coming weeks, we will discuss the new functions in separate posts and show how you can use them. If you want to know more now, check out our Pure Support FAQ, or contact Pure Support.

Pure to a new platform

Our research information system Pure has moved to the cloud platform of the supplier. The move guarantees the best accessibility and performance. And also the guarantee that we always run on the most recent version.

Pure’s migration was on the agenda for January and was in full preparation when we could no longer reach our servers and data due to the cyber attack. And it stayed that way until the end of last week. In the meantime, we have continued with the design and testing of the new Pure platform. So when we were able to access the data again, the migration was started immediately. This action allowed the completely new Pure to be launched again on 17 February without extra inconvenience or downtime.

Pure users login in the same way as before and the user interfaces have changed slightly. But not in such a way that you get lost or have to take a course. The Pure User Guide on the new Pure Support page provides extensive information about all common operations in Pure. And with additional questions, you can always contact your faculty supporter or the Pure support team.

Aftercare and additional information

To have Pure and the research information up as quickly as possible after the cyberattack, not all the functionalities could be restored.

In the coming period we will work on:

  • Restoring the connection between SAP and Pure. At present, the data of new colleagues in SAP is not synchronised with Pure.
  • Restoring the connection between the UM website and Pure. At the moment, the display of the latest publications from Pure in the UM Profile Pages and other web pages does not work.
  • Restoring series information in UM Research Publications. The new Pure environment shows publications that are part of a series not yet in their mutual coherence.

In Pure, you can set which alerts and updates you receive via e-mail. Please note the change in sender address to purehosted@atira.dk. Your mailbox settings may cause these messages to end up in the spam folder or receive a spam label. ICTS is working on preventing the spam label in the mail.

More information

About Pure

Maastricht University and MUMC+ use Pure, a Current Research Information System (CRIS) for research information and reporting needs. Pure supports the collation, management and reporting of all aspects of research information, including research staff, grants and contracts, publications (incl. full text), research impact, and collaborations.

About the Research Publications portal

Research Publications is part of Pure and included in the UM website under Research. Research Publications is the showcase for the research output that is registered in Pure and made public. These works not only appear in Research Publications but also in search engines such as Google Scholar, Narcis, and OpenAIRE.

About PlumX and Altmetric

PlumX and Altmetric are both services that provide non-traditional bibliometrics: altmetrics. In scholarly publishing, altmetrics are non-traditional bibliometrics proposed as an alternative or complement to more traditional citation impact metrics. The term altmetrics was proposed in 2010, as a generalisation of article-level metrics, and has its roots in the #altmetrics hashtag. Altmetrics use public APIs across platforms to gather data with open scripts and algorithms.

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