ReproducibiliTea journal club – 22 June 2021

Updated on 08 Jun 2021 | Published on 07 Jun 2021

Join our next Maastricht ReproducibiliTea (zoom) meeting on Tuesday 22 June 2021 from 13.00-14.00! During ReproducibiliTea journal club meetings we examine topics related to reproducibility, open science, research quality, and good/bad research practices. The Maastricht University ReproducibiliTea journal club is organized in collaboration with the Open Science Community Maastricht ( ). For more information please check .


Many malpractices in research have been related to the incentives for academic success and career development. During this ReproducibiliTea meeting, we will discuss whether we have personal or collective responsibility. Is it not our job to produce high-quality science? How could we change the scientific culture to ensure high-quality research?

We will discuss the online article ‘No it’s not The Incentives – it’s you’. Which can be found in the following link: .


To sign up for the Zoom link, please fill in your email address using the following form: .

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