Altmetric Explorer: insight into mentions of your work

Altmetric is a platform that gathers altmetrics, a new type of alternative metrics that captures the societal impact of research output instead of traditional metrics such as citation counts. Find out about Altmetric Explorer and how you can use it ... Keep reading
Pure Feature

Pure feature: discover attention for your publications with altmetrics

Altmetrics in Pure: Research Publications shows ‘Altmetric Donuts’ and ‘PlumX Prints’ for outputs. Read more about these new features and how you can use them for your UM and MUMC publications ... Keep reading
Altmetric platform

Altmetric platform

Altmetric is a platform that tracks and analyses the online activity around scholarly research outputs. It gathers data on outreach activities through (social) media, user statistics from reference managers, and mentions in patents and policy documents ... Keep reading

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