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The Netherlands National Program Open Science (NPOS) needs your help

Updated on 10 Dec 2021 | Published on 03 Dec 2021

The Netherlands National Programme Open Science (NPOS), in which UM is also participating, considers general support within the community for their ambitions for 2030 of great importance. Therefore, they have set up an Open Consultation to allow all stakeholders to reflect on the NPOS2030 Ambitions.


The National Programme Open Science (NPOS) has formulated its vision and ambitions on Open Science in the Netherlands for 2030.

During the preparation of the ambition document, NPOS consulted many stakeholders. And because NPOS considers general support within the community of the utmost importance, NPOS seeks further feedback on their 2030 ambitions from the Dutch research community before defining the actions that participating organisations will carry out.

The consultation will run until 22 December. NPOS will share the results in February. After that, the NPOS Program Leaders will start filling in the rolling agenda.

Here you will find the online consultation, including: 

To the NPOS consultation

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About the NPOS consultation

The NPOS has set up an online open consultation. This consultation allows Dutch stakeholders to reflect on the NPOS2030 Ambition Document, which forms the first chapters of the new NPOS2030 Program Description. It includes the NPOS Vision for 2030, the guiding principles underlying this vision, an NPOS program framework and key action lines.

The NPOS2030 program facilitates all national stakeholders to realise Open Science and implement Open Science practices in line with international initiatives.

Developments Open Science

The foundations of the NPOS were rooted in 2017 when a large group of Dutch stakeholders signed the National Open Science Plan. The years that followed brought all kinds of developments in the transition to Open Science.

NPOS made progress in many areas: more stakeholders joined the NPOS, new aspects of Open Science emerged, and at the international level, the European Open Science Cloud was launched, and the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science was unanimously adopted by 193 Member States.

All these developments, and the new insights they brought with them, have been incorporated in this NPOS2030 Ambition Document, which will form the first chapters of the new NPOS2030 Program Description.

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