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Updated on 01 Oct 2021 | Published on 29 Sep 2021

After more than a year in which COVID-19 forced us to act online, we are glad to see that students find their way back again to the library locations. This resulted – almost as we were used to in first course periods of an academic year – in many new faces at our information desk, where we can help with al kind of questions on UMcards, finding a study spot, getting access to Wi-Fi, finding literature and how to use the copy machines.


Studyplaces and facilities

Especially for students getting started at UM it takes some time to find out about all the library can offer. Please make your students aware of the amount and diversity in (even virtual) study places we offer and that it is wise and in XXL-weeks* even compulsory to use the reservation app to book a study place. And in the case you hear from your students that the library is fully booked or that online lectures combine better with studying online, tell them that we still offer a Virtual Library. The pilot we started when completely forced online, will continue until 10 January and it is up to (y)our student’s feedback if it is here to stay.

*Weeks just before and in which exams take place are referred to as XXL weeks


Information literacy

In close collaboration with all faculties and as much as connected to your courses we strive to make all our students “information wise” and guide them through the academic information landscape by offering all kind of online tutorials on topics like the use of appropriate sources, critical reading, avoiding plagiarism and referencing skills. Does your course needs something extra from the library? Let us know!


Zoom for online sessions

Maybe you still decide to combine onsite and online activities. The library hosts the digital learning environment with a selection of tools to facilitate all kind of activities. But are you aware of the fact that if lectures or other activities take place online, not every participant is able to participate optimally? Think of students with hearing impairments or attending while in locations in which surrounding noise make it difficult to hear what is being said. For them it is very useful to switch on live captioning in Zoom-sessions. Curious about more information on making your education accessible for students? Find out what we shared in the context of open and inclusive course material and tools for you and your students.

Now, towards the end of the first course period, we expect that we slowly find our new routines. We hope that we will keep on seeing you and your students, both onsite and online. And if you need further support for you or your students to best use the library, please let us know!


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