Since the introduction of EndNote X6 it was possible to synchronise your local desktop library with your EndNote Online or Web library; a great feature of EndNote when working on different computers or collaborating with others using the same library. But, your EndNote online account – needed to use the sync option in EndNote – is expiring after two years of use.

Some early users of the sync option are already experiencing problems due to this two year period. Without prior notification, Thomson Reuters the supplier of EndNote, decided that online accounts can only be re-activated when EndNote X6 is upgraded to version X7. Because this sync option is important to a lot of users, Maastricht University will upgrade the campus license for EndNote version X7.2.1 as quickly as possible.

In the meantime:

  • When you did not create an EndNote online account, wait until upgrade X7.2.1. is effective
  • When you already own a EndNote online account:
    • Check the ‘Days Remaining’ of your online account (in EndNote Web, under ‘Options’ and ‘Account Information’)


    • Decide if you want to upgrade to X7.2 yourself (only possible when EndNote is installed locally), or
    • Wait until the UM has upgraded the campus license to version X7.2.1

On this moment, the latest version available to download from the ICT Service Centre license software page, is version X7.2.

The most recent version X7.2.1 will be made available as quickly as possible.

More information:

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