From February to June 2013 the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences aims to stimulate excellence with ‘On Expedition’, a MaRBLe project organized in association with the University Library. Part of the project consists of visiting the Library’s Special Collections to study seventeenth and eighteenth century travelogues.

With this initiative Maastricht University participates in ‘The great Wikipedia Expedition’, a collaborative project between the Tropical Museum in Amsterdam, the Academic Heritage Foundation and Wikimedia Commons. In this project the participants form ‘a community’ that wants to demonstrate heritage – not only (travel) books but also stuffed animals, instruments, drawings, photographs – derived from various scientific expeditions, together with contextual information on a website for a broad public. The most important link in this process is called a Wikipedian in Residence (WIR). This guest editor coordinates the entire process and initiates events and meetings for the Wikipedia volunteers around the heritage materials of the Tropical Museum and the universities.

In ‘On Expedition’ lectures and group discussions are interspersed with visits to the Jesuit Library. The University Library digitizes the sources chosen by students so that they can be included in Wikimedia Commons. An additional incentive for students is that the Executive Board has decided to grant an annual prize for a bachelor or master thesis for which the UM Special Collections have been used.



About the illustration:

Source: Kircher,  Athanasius (1667). China Illustrata. Amstelodami: apud Jacobum à Meurs. This
work is part of the UM Jesuit Library

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