Open Culture seeks to provide the best free cultural and educational media. Open Culture is a useful information portal from which UM researchers and students can locate existing free online content pertaining to a variety of subject areas.

The website links to lectures, films, language lessons, e-books, and other educational or culturally significant media files available freely on the web. Open Culture covers video interviews, performances, arts events, scientific advances, and new digital collections.

Open Culture is quite comprehensive in terms of subject matter. Subjects or disciplines include: anthropology, art, history, languages, literature, music, philosophy, psychology, science.

Navigational options 

The navigational bar options at the top of the page are illustrating for the coverage of Open Culture. These are the main sections of this online portal:

  • audio books
  • online courses
  • certificate courses/MOOCs (from great universities)
  • movies (classics, documentaries, indies, film noir, westerns, etc)
  • languages (= language learning tools)
  • textbooks
  • e-books.

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