People@UM: Enjoy Diversity

5 Jun 2019

People@UM is one of the 2018 Diversity & Inclusivity grant winning projects. The sharing of thoughts, experiences and knowledge is the foundation of this project. Our goal is to develop a better understanding of the differences between people and therewith create a more accepting environment. The video ‘People@UM: Enjoy Diversity’ is the result of this library project. We hope you will enjoy watching it.

Monday 3 June: preview of the video. All leading figures present were showered with flowers


This project has been realised by the project team: Carin Klompen and Carlijn Postma (both from UM Library), Wammes Bos (former editor in chief Observant), Albert Mhangami (UM law student), Richard Dols (film maker) and Stan Ras (director). And of course thanks to the performers in the video: the students, employees and alumni who tell their stories. Why did they choose Maastricht University, what are their ambitions, what inspires them, and how do they connect with other people?

Everyone who works or studies at Maastricht University is in some way connected to one another. We are all different and everyone gives their own meaning to study or work.



Human Library concept and event

Since we believe no book is better than human experience, we use the ‘Human Library’ concept, where you can consult people instead of books. The ‘Human Library’ is a place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered. We want to keep the meaningful conversations between people alive and will therefore organise a ‘Human Library’ event that is yet to be announced, at the end of the year.

Authors: Mariska Custers, UM Library student



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