Performers wanted | Spoken Word Museumnacht @Dominicanen

Performers wanted | Spoken Word Museumnacht @Dominicanen

17 Feb 2020

What started as a night-time adventure has grown into a widely praised, annual artistic phenomenon to colour and connect the city in a memorable way for one evening. Participate in transforming the city of Maastricht during the fifth edition of the extraordinary Museumnacht and be part of this once-in-a-night-time anniversary programme. We are looking for students with musical talent and students who are in to bringing words a live in a way that sticks with the audience.

Where and When

Dominicanen Bookshop
Dominicanerkerkstraat 1, 6211 CZ Maastricht

Friday 17 April 2020
* 20.45 – 21.45
* 22.45 – 23.45


Enrich your creative mind

As a performer, you will get access to the Maastricht University Library’s Special Collections where you will be able to surround yourself with historically valuable books, relating to a certain theme. Dig deep into our extensive selections of historical books. From church and religious protests to social manifestos, and artistic revolutions, we have all the materials to enrich your creative mind. Some Spoken Word performers will perform solely and others together with a musician.

The Museumnacht promises to be a spectacular Art Night Out with intimate crossovers between fashion, theatre, art and language. Check this throwback to Spoken Word 2019:
to be part of the fifht edition of the Museumnacht. Limited spots available.


In need of more information?

Mail to:


O, and don’t forget to fOlLoW oUr FaCeBoOk EvEnT

Author: Souhaïlla Koudan, event coordinator Special Collections


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.



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