Maastricht University has acquired a new Current Research Information System, in short CRIS. A database of our university’s research output. 11 out of the 14 Dutch universities made the choice for PURE.

The new CRIS allows our researchers and research output managers for example to add socially relevant activities, such as newspaper interviews, television performances, etcetera. In addition, it is easy to use and offers many more facilities. It reduces the administrative burden on our academic staff by harvesting from external sources and ensures that our publication record is accurate, complete and publically visible. 

Research Publications portal

All research information entered in the new CRIS will be presented in a new portal on the UM website: Research Publications. This portal promotes Maastricht University research. Moreover, the 10 most recent or 10 key publications of all UM researchers will be presented on their individual UM Personal Profile Pages.  Below you will find an overview of the benefits of the new CRIS.

  Benefits of the new system for Maastricht University

  • All UM research in one place: research programmes, researchers, research outputs e.g. publications and activities
  • Reuse information on faculty web pages and personal pages
  • More (international) exposure of UM research output
  • Increased accessibility and availability of research-related output for education and research
  • Statements on research impact; important for rankings, accreditations, VSNU, SEP and UM annual publication reports

Main goals for faculty managers

  • Reduction of administrative burden
  • Solution for many of UM current research management and reporting needs, e.g. visitations and mid-term reviews, annual reporting

Great functionalities for researchers

  • Match with your ORCID ID
  • Upload full text (authors’ versions etc.) in Institutional Repository or link to full text via DOI
  • (Automatically) import publications from online sources; e.g. WOS, Pubmed or CrossRef
  • Create a dedicated CV for specific purposes (e.g. funding applications)

The new system in the research web

For further information we have a dedicated website:


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