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Open Access without costs? APC discount? Check before you submit.

The Open Access Journal Browser provides a list of more than 30,000 journals. You can check the Journal Browser before you send in your manuscript to find out about APC discounts. Next to information about the APC, you also find information about the impact and the options for Green Open Access.

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About the Journal Browser

How to use the Journal Browser

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Use the menu to browse or use Ctrl+F | Cmd+F to search the guide.

About the Open Access Journal Browser

The information about journals in this list is aggregated from several sources and updated regularly:

  • Journals from publishers with APC discount arrangements for Maastricht University and MUMC+ authors. 
  • Journals from publishers the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has made deals with to make articles Open Access. 
  • Journals covered by the Journal Citation Reports.
  • Journals covered by Scopus.
  • Journals indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
  • Additional data on citations made to journals, in articles published by staff from our university. 

How to use the Open Access Journal Browser


Use the search box to look up journals. The terms entered in this box are used to search the journal titles and other metadata (e.g. keywords):

  • Type part of the title in the search box and press Search.
  • Select the title of the journal to read more information on the Open Access possibilities and instructions to get a discount (if available) and the journal impact.


You can apply additional filters to the search results. Among these, no/full costs and discounts for Open Access publishing, support on Open Access publishing in journals, and the quartile to which the journal’s impact factor belongs.


When you open the journal information page in the Journal Browser, the following information is available:

  • General information about the journal, such as title and ISSN and a link to the journal’s website.
  • APC discount information for the selected journal if it is part of an Open Access arrangement.
  • Impact measures from Journal Citation Reports or Scopus. The number of citations made to the selected journal (in articles published by staff from that university) is also shown.
  • Information from Sherpa/Romeo on the conditions under which you can make articles in the selected journal available via Green Open Access.
  • A listing of articles recently published in the selected journal.

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