For discounts and workflows, always check our Open Access Journal Browser first: search for the journal of your choice, open the journal record, and find everything about publishing, archiving, and sharing articles.

Maastricht University has no central budget for APC costs, only arrangements with publishers regarding discounts.

If you choose to publish Open Access in a journal outside our deals, you must settle the invoice for the APC with your research project or your faculty. The research project funder may provide a budget for the APC.

No APC coverage for Gold Open Access? Green Open Access is an option.

If possible (hybrid journal) and allowed (funder), you can publish the article with a (traditional) subscription license (no costs) and share the article with the world via the UM repository after publication (Green Open Access).

We provide two Green Open Access options:

  1. Let UM Library archive and share the published version (VoR) for you: Taverne
  2. Archive and share the author version (AAM) via the UM repository: Share your AAM

More information and suggestions

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For specific or complex questions and support, please get in touch with an Open Access specialist at the University Library.