Speedpainting? Mission accomplished! Our students realised to show their view on the modern body in 1.5 h time. Review Workshop Imaging the modern Body

On Monday evening 12 January, the Maastricht University Library  has organised a workshop called “Imaging the modern body”. In the context of the running exhibition in the Inner City Library “500 years Vesalius” we wanted to give students the opportunity to tell and show their vision on anatomical illustrations nowadays.

Timothee Hansart about the workshop: 
“What if you get up every morning and you can choose in your closet which body part you want ‘to put on’ or you want to replace today” 

At this event 18 students with different study backgrounds signed up and shared their thought about this topic. Even two students of the Master of Scientific Illustrations of the Art Academy HZUYD, Maren Hötten en Eva Strikkers, guided these students with their technical skills during this evening.

What happened?

The evening started with a presentation about examples of anatomical illustrations from the special collection during the centuries until now. After these imageries, it was up to them to give an answer to the question: how would you depict the modern body? Some students imagined the modern body as a manufactural human being, where body parts can be replaced. Others liked the less detailed and more abstract emotions of the human body. At last they decided to illustrate the mechanical future human against the inside colourful emotions of the human body. In that way the inside and outside of the human being was showed: two bodies on each side of the canvas are holding the earth in the middle, the hart of humanity symbolised by a baby.

Are you interested about their result and how it looks like?

Then hurry to the Inner City Library where you can see their collaborative painting until 13 February!



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