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Published on 29 Apr 2020

​Searching legal information on a national level can be challenging: you have to deal with various sources of law. To support you in searching Dutch legal information the guide ‘Researching Dutch Law’ provides you with relevant sources.


Dutch law

To support you in searching relevant legal information the guide Researching Dutch Law provides an overview of Dutch primary and secondary legal resources and offers an overview of websites and selected databases on Dutch law for searching treaties, legislation, case law and legal literature. Printed and online sources of legislation and case law available in both Dutch and English are identified. Links to law faculties and professional bodies are also provided along with references to books, journals and law dictionaries.

The guide ‘Researching Dutch Law’ was originally written by Oswald Jansen, Professor of European Administrative Law and Public Administration (Maastricht University) and George Middeldorp, Strategic Advisor at the Ministry of Justice and Security (The Hague Area, Netherlands). The 2020 version is updated by Angélique Bessems, Specialist Legal Scientific Information & Skills Support at Maastricht University Library.



GlobaLex is a free portal dedicated to disseminating international, foreign, and comparative law research materials.  Published by the Hauser Global Law School Program at New York University School of Law, GlobaLex contains articles both on topical areas, as well as guides to the laws of specific jurisdictions, such as the guide Researching Dutch Law, referring to useful web sites, giving overviews of foreign legal systems, and offering other information that varies by jurisdiction.

The research tools in GlobaLex are regularly updated (around 4-6 new or updated articles are added each month) and continually expanded to cover international law topics, countries, and legal systems. When available, select the “UPDATE” link to view the most recent guide.



Is a free web site. Users can access Globalex and the guide Researching Dutch Law anywhere on the web.



In case you have a question regarding the guide, please contact Angélique Bessems via Ask your Librarian.


Author: Angélique Bessems, Specialist Legal Scientific Information & Skills Support


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.


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