Institutional Storage capacity
All students of Maastricht University have a personal drive to their disposal. This so-called I:drive has a storage capacity of 250 MB. Via the use of Student Desktop Anywhere or VPN this drive can be accessed worldwide. Furthermore, students can also use the storage capacity of their content folder in the Student Portal. It can always be accessed from any location, either via Student Desktop Anywhere or a via a web folder. Documents stored here can also be shared with users inside and outside the UM. The institutional storage services are backed up as well as checked for viruses on a daily basis.
Non-Institutional storage capacity
Beside the above-mentioned services also user owned storage devices like external hard drives or USB sticks are a possibility. A final option is the use of cloud services. The main players in the market like Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud or Google Drive offer additional storage capacity, often free of charge.
Safety and backup procedures
There are however some important remarks in place regarding the use of non-institutional storage devices or cloud services.  USB sticks are many times left in the computers upon logging out. Make sure you have backups of your documents. Also, the cloud services do not automatically offer a backup service! More information about cloud services can be found here (in Dutch).

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