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The main goal of the Writing Studio is to support Maastricht University students and help them reflect on their thinking, searching and writing process. It is a joint effort from information specialists from the University Library and teachers from the Language Centre.

Here’s what some students who got help from the Writing Studio think of this service:

  • “As a student of the SBE faculty the writing of a thesis is really difficult as this is the first research I ever did. I studied applied sciences before and therefore never had courses in Quantitative Methods. For me the thesis was this big blur that I did not know how to ever finish. Joining the Writing Studio I received help in better structuring my thesis, formulating and thinking about a good research question, and learning how to better look where for what information.” [Student in MSc International Business]
  • “To me the biggest challenge is the language use. I am student from a non-English speaking country so when it comes to the issue of academic writing, language skills count as an obstacle to develop a good paper. It is of a great advantage if you can include the aspect of language skills as far as academic writing is concerned.” [International Student in MSc Public Policy & Human Development]
  • “To complete my study at the faculty of Law I have to write a master thesis. Getting started, you have to write a proposal and then find someone to guide you. All my proposals have been rejected so far, so I asked for help. My study advisor told me about the writing studio. The coach looked at my proposals and helped me find a better topic for my thesis.” [Student in MSc Dutch Law]

The Writing Studio emphasizes that its service is complementary to the services already offered by faculties to their students.

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