Persistent identifiers DOI and ORCID

A persistent identifier (PID) is a permanent reference and unique identifier to an object independent of the storage location. The identifier ensures machine readability and that one can always find the object, even if its name or storage location changes ... Keep reading
Open Science ambassador in the spotlight: Dennie Hebels

Open Science ambassador in the spotlight: Dennie Hebels

Open Access week 2020: the University Library presents an interactive video with Open Science ambassador Dennie Hebels about the Open Science Community (OSC) Maastricht and his experiences with ORCID, Research Data Management and Open Access publishing ... Keep reading


Register and connect your ORCID with Pure. Create your unique and persistent identifier that connecting you and your research activities throughout your career ... Keep reading
Open Access Week UM

Open Access Week 2018

This week (22-26 October) is International Open Access Week. At Maastricht University, we will pay extra attention to updating the Open Access portal and we will report on current open access issues, such as cOAlitionS, predatory publishers, APC, paywalls, copyright, and ORCID. We are open to your suggestions ... Keep reading
open access

Five ways to increase the visibility of your research

By making your research more visible you could potentially open up future collaboration, job and publication opportunities, increase citations to your work and increase the number of people finding, reading and building on your work ... Keep reading

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