As a facilitator of the UM Online Library, digital learning environment Blackboard, UM learning spaces, e-learning support, and – as of April 2017 – the video platform Mediasite, the library picks up the latest education trends. Here a few, that may interest you.

Read all about it in the SURF 2016 trend report. Or check the mind map below

How technological trends enable customised education: English / Dutch.

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New trends signaled at the annual SURF Education Days (Onderwijsdagen)

In November 2016, UM library staff visited the SURF Education Days. We attended a number of presentations and spoke with (potential) business partners, such as FeedbackFruits, Blackboard, Canvas, Mediasite and Kaltura. Here is an overview of the topics presented at the Education Day [in Dutch]. 

English speakers can go to the SURF Innovation Blog for general information on innovation trends and events. 

More relevant presentations: 

Interested in trends?

Please contact the UM Library E-learning team, for more information on any of the topics.  


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