Tips and tricks for dealing with fake news

Tips and tricks for dealing with fake news

by | 8 Mar 2018

The Fake News Series #5

Wondered what’s out there to equip you with the right skills and tools to deal with fake news? Check our tips & tricks on how to deal with false information and train yourself as critical thinker! 


1. Put yourself in the position of a online troll

Remember our #1 Blog Series Post? We learned about fake news as a umbrella term that varies from simple errors to intended bogus. The game getbadnews puts you in a online troll position. In a fun but also alerting game setting, you are spreading memes about climate change, post misinformation on your website and make use of different types of fake news (hoaxes, clickbait and misinformation).


2. Train your critical thinking

In our #3 Blog Series Post we discussed the learning opportunities that come with fake news. We must be aware that misinformation can spread with an enormous speed. It is hardly measurable how often we engage in misleading information in broadcast news media or social media platforms. Yet, we can work on our critical thinking to be more sensitive and critical with information sources. For instance, the game factitious tests your ability to distinguish between real and fake news.


3. Online research tools and investigative techniques

Because fake news and misinformation is such a big and complex concept, there’s not one single tool that can help you prevent it. Finding the correct tool is therefore a challenge. Luckily, the Global Investigative Journalism Network created a nice overview of research tools that you can use. This overview can help you with searching online for sources – and even some proper espionage – without falling for misinformation.


4. Ideas for teaching and learning about fake news

Thinking about incorporating fake news in your classes, but you don’t know how? Or maybe you just want to organise a workshop or tutorial on the topic, but you have no idea where to start. The New York Times did the research for you, and came up with a list of tips and tricks to incorporate source evaluation and fake news into education. There are a also a ton of examples in the article that you can use in tutorials or group discussions.

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