At the beginning of your (PhD) research, you will most probably start off with an embryonic idea of what you would like to investigate and perhaps you might even have some literature from which you have gotten your inspiration. The challenge is now – how can I turn my ideas into literature? One important step in this process is to get a short and structured overview of what has already been done in the applicable field of research. In other words, you are likely to start your research project with a literature review, which requires a certain degree of information literacy.

Ad Notten (UNU-MERIT) wrote a UM SHARE-IT blog about information literacy, including two video’s (5 minutes) about how to search for literature and the use of  keywords when searching.

The  UM SHARE-IT blog is edited by UM PhD fellows themselves, and it provides a platform ‘from researchers, for researchers’, serving as a growing repository of relevant resources covering generic aspects of conducting research.


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