UM Wiki Citation Challenge 4 Feb

by | 24 Jan 2019

Researchers and students often use Wikipedia as starting point. So why not make it better together?! You are in a perfect position to help improve Wikipedia and make it a better resource for everyone. Maastricht University Library will be hosting a Wiki Citation Challenge as part of #1Lib1Ref Wikipedia worldwide Campaign on Monday 4 February 12.00 – 14.00 @ Parlour in the Inner City Library. You are welcome to participate in this learning experience. So join and meanwhile enjoy a free lunch.  


Imagine… a World where everyone added one more reference to Wikipedia

One of the key research skills is to evaluate sources, including Wikipedia, critically. Adding one reference to Wikipedia makes it a better tool. Any citation to a reliable source is a benefit to Wikipedia readers worldwide.


UM Citation Challenge

Running from 15 January 15 to 5 February, the #1Lib1Ref campaign is and has been supported by Wikipedia Library and a number of Wikimedia Affiliates around the world.

As part of the campaign, our University Library will host a Citation Challenge on 4 February. In this workshop, a professional Wikipedia trainer will help you to use and add a reference to Wikipedia. Participating in Wikipedia is easier when you can learn with others.


Why not join us

And make a small contribution to the sum of all human knowledge! Limited spaces are available so subscribe now. 

Everyone can do it

Last year one of the participants – Živa Lysáková, a 19-year-old first year student of Medicine – said:

Previously, citing sources seemed to me too complicated, but during this session I have quickly found out how to do it.


Like to start right away? Read all about the #1Lib1Ref campaign on The Wikipedia Library/1Lib1Ref and watch the video below about the campaign and how to add a reference to Wikipedia.


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After attending the workshop you will

  • Understand how Wikipedia works
  • Recognise the advantages of Wikipedia
  • Know how to make an account for Wikipedia
  • Add references to Wikipedia
  • Make Wikipedia a more reliable source for readers all over the world

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