Since the Web of ScienceTM and Google Scholar are collaborating an extra link is shown:

  • in the result list of Google Scholar, to switch to the article reference in the Web of Science, and
  • in the Web of Science a link, to switch to the article reference in Google Scholar 


For the user this has three advantages:

  1. When searching for articles in the Web of Science – for which no full-text links are shown – simply click on the ‘look up full text’ link to launch a search in Google Scholar. Via the ‘All versions’ link below the article’s reference in Google Scholar, open access versions (drafts, author versions, etc.) may be found and retrieved.
  2. When starting in Google Scholar – which is often the case – and you want to import the article reference into a reference manager like EndNote, click on the link ‘Web of Science’ and export the article’s reference from there. The meta- or bibliographical data in the Web of Science are most often of a much higher quality and more complete.
  3. A third advantage of the collaboration is that it is now possible to search in Google Scholar with: DOI, ISSN, Journal Title, Issue, Volume, Publication Year and Pages.

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