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Day #1: Introduction to Beijing

Our first day in Beijing was hot, sweaty and different from what you would expected from European capitals. Even though


Day #1: Hunting Jesuit’s traces

We got here as the sun set since it took us a whole day to reach St. Joseph’s Church, known

The Church of Immaculate Conception, Beijing

Day #2: Finding the Jesuits in Beijing (and a little bit of heaven)

Today was packed full of exploring the city and attempting to find the remnants of the Jesuits who came here

Day #3: The Great Wall

Day #3: The Great Wall

Today we conquered the Great Wall of China! Well, at least one small section of it. Mutianyu is one of


Day #4: The imperial city seen by the Jesuits

Today we went to visit the Imperial City, in the center of Beijing. The Imperial City, or Forbidden City, used


Day #4: The Jesuit cemetery in Beijing

One of the greatest evidence of the presence of the missionaries in China is their cemetery; the Zhalan cemetery. The

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