Day #1: Introduction to Beijing

Our first day in Beijing was hot, sweaty and different from what you would expected from European capitals.
Even though the world today is so globalised, Beijing is like a world of its own. Few people in the capital speak English and although our Mandarin is rudimentary we can still get by using a combination of mime and electronic translators. Centuries ago, Jesuits going on expeditions to China would spend up to ten years learning Mandarin for their journeys before being admitted into the country.

Here are some shots from today!


The Lama Temple – A Tibetan Buddhist temple


The traditional neighbourhoods of the Hutong


Me, Samantha and half a guy (because in Beijing it is impossible to be alone! )




The relaxing beauty of the Emperor’s Summer Palace


Trying the food – a kind of hot bread with fried spinach and onions-

A GREAT video about our first day will follow soon but for today we are too tired! The jet lag has killed us.

Good night!