Day #10: Two foreign faces create a lot of fuss

Loyally following the route taken by Grueber and d’Orville, we are now crossing the remote and rural parts of the Chinese provinces rarely visited by foreigners.

Our presence in the town has often raised astonishment and curiosity from the locals. Everyone, from children to adults, stared at us smiling and a bit puzzled and some asked to take a picture with us, within five minutes a whole group of people lined up to take photos with us!

Reactions to our presence
Reactions to our presence
Posing with the locals of the village
Posing with the locals of the village

One wonders, if those people are so amused by our presence today in such a world with internet, globalisation and TV, what could have been the reactions of their ancestors to the passing of two strange bearded men such as Grueber and d’Orville in 1661!


Someone suggested we charge 10 Yuan per photo and fund our trip that way, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea!

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Henrietta Hazen
18 August 2016 09:35

hello girls,

it’s great to read about your adventures. Great story and nice pictures. Looking forward to the next episode!