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Ed-ICTed to education!

Emerging technologies have changed the way we live and affect the way students learn. However, applying these tools in education can often be a struggle for teachers. 

We cordially welcome staff and students for advice and support on trending topics in e-learning and the use of emerging technologies for education and how to embed these technologies in the digital learning environment.



Our Services:

  • Facilitation & didactic support on (selecting and implementing) emerging technologies in education; we guide you and your course through your first steps in e-learning
  • Demonstrations, training sessions and workshops on the use of emerging technologies for education
  • Discuss any educational question that involves technology.

In need for support?

  • Check out the Online Manuals we selected for you or attend a demo or workshop
  • Have your questions answered by the library, or redirected to an expert at the e-learning support team
  • Complex questions may result in one-to-one personal instruction sessions of 60 minutes max
  • We can offer, at additional costs, tailor made support.

Amongst other topics we currently focus  on video for education and peer feedback tools. But we also perform pilots in line with UM’s digital learning environment, like alternative tools for plagiarism checks and EDLAB projects. You can find more about our projects on this website.

Of course we welcome your ideas on other emerging technologies for learning and instruction!

For whom?
We are open to teachers, students and educational researchers. We hope you share our ed-ICTion!

Contact us
The e-learning support team consists of 6 enthusiastic members:

Gaby Lutgens

e-learning specialist and team coordinator


Odin Essers

e-learning specialist and project leader


Ilse Sistermans

e-learning specialist and project leader


Yvonne van den Broek

project assistant


Carlijn Postma



Juul Kusters

student assistant  

We work closely with the EleUM support team and align our activities with the EDLAB, the UM institute focusing on educational innovation.

Themes, topics and projects 

Click on the image to enlarge it

Click on the image to enlarge it

e-Learning or e-Education is often a means to facilitate teaching or learning processes. We currently work within 4 themes giving a framework for our projects and activities. The quadrants in the picture (e.g. e-interaction) refer to information on these themes.

Themes describe topics or activities giving content to the theme (e.g. collaborative knowledge building as an example of interaction) and if applicable (used within a project) we eventually describe tools as an option serving the aimed-for activity. Our projects are connected to at least one of the themes.

Projects described can have several statuses:

  • finished and possibly scaled up; meaning that the experimental tool has been implemented for the whole university now
  • in the middle of experimenting (ongoing project)
  • in preparation (possibly opportunity to participate in an experiment).

For every project you can address the corresponding contact person. For general questions related to e-leaning, contact us via

The following means to serve as inspiration and will be updated on a regular basis, based on current or upcoming projects or topics of interest.

Theme: e-interaction
Theme: e-experience
Theme: e-content
Theme: e-testing and coaching
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