Reference List

System for course related references
The University Library offers a system called ‘Reference List’ for course related references. In the system you will find books, e-books, streaming videos, websites and/or readers integrated in one overview. The course coordinator is responsible for the Reference List and for making it available in the Digital Learning Environment (EleUM).

Manage your references and order books
Login to Reference List with your UM account and perform all your course related actions like ordering titles for the Learning and Resource Centre or adding and changing reader references. Without login to Reference List, you can have an overview of all courses and literature. In case of ordering titles for the Learning and Resource Centre please consider the faculty ordering guidelines.
Two online manuals are available to help you managing your list:

Link to the Reference List in the Digital Learning Environment (EleUM)
The procedure in the Digital Learning Environment (EleUM) to link the Reference List has been changed. Please follow the instructions in the manual:

Copyright check readers
From 1 January 2014 the library has to execute a copyright check on re-used information in PDFs (readers). The library will avoid this check for information to which the UM has online access as part of a license agreement. That is why the library replaces those PDFs by an online link to the the website of the supplier. The remaining PDFs will be checked. More information:


Contact & Support

For questions or information about Reference List, use the web form below to contact our Reference List experts.

Contact our Reference List experts
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