Scanning in the library

The print, copy and scan services at the library are managed by the ICT Service Centre (ICTS) and supplied by Ricoh. The multi-function printers (MFPs) print  in colour or black & white and can also be used with mobile devices. They are environmentally friendly.

This site contains more information on how to operate the MFPs, how you can get print/copy/scan credit and how to print from home. 

 You can find MFPs in all library locations:

  • at the Inner City Library there are MFPs on all 3 floors.
  • at the the Randwyck Library there are MFPs on all 3 floors and at the Randwyck Computer Facilities
  • at the Bonnefanten Learning Spaces,Tapijn Learning Spaces and the USC Learning Spaces, there is one MFP available


In addition to this, in both the Inner City and the Randwyck Library flatbed scanners are available for scanning texts and images. These scanners are free of charge. You can find a short manual near the scanners.

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