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Student Desktop Anywhere provides Maastricht University (UM) students with access to the same student desktop facilities on library computers, even when you are working on a computer outside the University Library (or on your own laptop in the library).

Along with having access to the electronic library (e-journals, e-books, databases) and catalogues, you can also use your I: drive and the regular and faculty applications you need during your studies from home or anywhere in the world. This means that you for example can continue working at home on files you created via specific software (like SPSS) in the computer rooms of the University Library. Without having the software installed on your own device!

You can gain access to Student Desktop Anywhere by logging in with your UM account.

The SDA user manual explains everything step by step.

If you are having problems with accessing Student Desktop Anywhere ( “SSL Error 61”),  please upgrade to the newest Citrix client. We recommend you uninstall your current version before installing this newer version.


SDA is intended for use by UM students only. For staff other options like using VPN are usually a good alternative. More information on VPN can be found here.

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