Study places

UM’s choice for Problem-Based Learning as its educational system gives an extra dimension to the organisation of the University Library facilities for students. These facilities, called Learning and Resource Centres, aim to provide students with a wide selection of educational resources as well as study places for individual or group use.

Taking the Randwyck Computer Facilities and the LINK Learning Spaces into account, almost half of all study places are equipped with a computer. The Inner City Library has more than 900 study places. The Randwyck Library (including the LINK Learning Spaces and the Computer Facilities) a total of over 1,000 study places. 

The Inner City Library and the Randwyck library each have the following facilities:

Group study places
Individual study places
Moveable furniture

You will find the following facilities in the LINK Learning Spaces and the Randwyck Computer Facilities 

LINK Learning Spaces
Randwyck Computer Facilities

At the Bonnefanten Learning Spaces, the Tapijn Learning Spaces and the USC Learning Spaces, more than 150 study places are available at each location for studying with your own device and books.

Bonnefanten Learning Spaces
Tapijn Learning Spaces
University Sports Centre Learning Spaces

Facilities for people with disabilities



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