Open Access means unrestricted online access to your writings. Open Access is a way of making research output more widely read, cited and used. Open Access increases readership so it is meant for authors who want to reach out. 

This week is Open Access Week: a global event, now in its 7th year, promoting Open Access as a new norm in scholarship and research. The rest of this week, the Library Wall will mention a couple of tools and services to enable you to participate in Open Access.

If you have any questions about Open Access policy and support, please contact Coen van Laer:

Open Access is an international issue and currently attracting much interest. The debate has recently been given strong stimulus by the letter from State Secretary Dekker to the Dutch Lower House and the joint efforts of the Dutch universities. It is expected that in the coming period, meaningful steps will be put in place to achieve the change to Open Access.

Read more about Open Access [PDF]



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