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Rianne Letschert on the use of video in research

Video can be a powerful tool for education. Prof. Letschert asserts that also researchers can use video to increase the impact of their research. In a short clip she explains how a video boosted her own research efforts on victims of war crime.

“Reading, using and sharing”

Interview with Egon Willighagen, assistant professor and bioinformatics researcher at FHML. He feels that broad access to, and use of, publications and data is a precondition for the realisation of scientific progress. Which is why he’s in favour of the ‘gold route’.

International Open Access Week 2017

The seminar ‘Publish with impact’ is UM Library’s contribution to the international Open Access Week 2017. In conjunction with this week, an important tool has been further developed to help you realise Open Access benefits: the journal browser.

Publish with impact

Invitation to a Maastricht University Library seminar to increase the impact of your papers on Tuesday 24 October.


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