A Lucky evening on Friday the 13th

by | 18 Apr 2018

On 13 April 2018, the wonderful event Spoken Word took place. As a part of Museumnacht Maastricht five performers closed a magical evening at boekhandel Dominicanen. Host Aliana Almao, stand-up comedian and former participant, presented the event while the participants entertained the public with their talented performances. The large audience showed their appreciation of the artists with an ongoing applause.



The performances were inspired by works from the UM Library Special Collections. This year’s theme was ‘Lucky/Unlucky’. Therefore, the participants searched for books in the UM Library depot that had to do with good and bad luck. Poems by Edgar Allan Poe, but also fairy tale books were very popular. The participants added their own present day interpretations to these works, creating magical performances.


The Performers

Bravely, Ronja opened the evening with her humoristic story about love and luck. She told us about her experience as cupid, making two people she barely knew fall in love. After this, Celine and Justine took over and performed their original song ‘The End of Times’. After this they performed two covers. The public clapped along enthusiastically. Elisa presented a very philosophical text: what is luck? When is somebody considered to be lucky? These questions definitely made the public think: what about their own experience with these topics? Aleksandra closed the evening with her beautiful poems about the Greek goddess of luck and fortune: Tyche.


Will you be present next year?

We want to thank everyone who helped making Spoken Word 2018 into a success. The participants for their creativity, the public for their support, and boekhandel Dominicanen for providing an amazing décor: the 13th century church. Friday the 13th turned out to be not so bad after all. Will you be present next year as a performer or a spectator? See you next year!


Spoken Word 2018 during Museumnacht Maastricht

Spoken Word 2018 during Museumnacht Maastricht

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