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Remote Access

Remote access

Maastricht University students and staff members, as well as azM staff members have off-campus access to protected services and resources, like databases, e-journals and e-books of the UM Library.

Renew your loans

You can easily renew your loans yourself via LibSearch

Research assessment support

We are happy to assist you in requiring relevant information from Pure.

Research data management

Research Data Management refers to the storage, access, and preservation of data produced from a given research project.

Research Intelligence Services

The university library offers a range of bibliometric and research impact services for faculties and research groups to assist in research evaluations, profiling, and decision-making.

Reserving rooms

Overview of the rooms that can be reserved by teachers and/or students

Scanning in the library

You can find multi-function printers in all library locations.

Scanning sources for research projects

Do you have documents you would like to use in your research? You could use our expertise in scanning, indexing and storing scientific and academic sources.

Search Planning Form

An aid for structuring your search strategy. Use this form to identify/clarify the key concepts and the scope of your research topic.

Similarity Check

Our Similarity Check service helps you to prevent sloppy referencing or plagiarism in any document that you are about to submit for publication. Every UM-affiliated researcher can use this service.


Contact & Support

For questions or information, use the web form to contact a subject specialist.


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