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Open Access Journal Browser

OA Journal Browser

Find out which journals offer open access publication and which arrangements (such as APC discounts) are in effect.

Onedrive for business

Location in Office 365 to store and share personal business files

Open Access logo

Open Access

Open Access (OA) means unrestricted online access to your writings. The following guide explains how you may promote OA.


Open Access publishing checklist

Check what you can do to publish your paper Open Access without APC costs.

Open Education

Open Education


Establishing your researcher identity with ORCiD

Ordering literature

UM staff and students can make suggestions for ordering books for the library collection. UM teachers can order titels for the Learning and Resource Centre or change references in Reference List.

Patient data

DataHub provides the technology to enable the use of patient data for research purposes. Patient data can be automatically extracted from the SAP Electronic Health Records system.

Payment in the library

At both library locations, you can pay at the information desk, using your bank card only. You can also charge your UMcard at the charging stations in the libraries.

Peer Point

Peer Point

Peer Point provides free assistance to students studying at Maastricht University and helps them to improve writing and research skills.


Contact & Support

For questions or information, use the web form to contact a subject specialist.


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