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Digital Learning Environment: a gateway to education

Canvas, Maastricht University’s electronic learning environment, offers a collection of information and tools for students as well as teaching and support staff.



About e-books

Electronic Health Records

DataHub provides the technology to enable the use of patient data for research purposes.


EndNote is a software programme that helps you collect and keep track of your references, and easily insert them into your research documents as in-text citations, footnotes or a bibliography in any of a large number of citation styles.

EndNote (remote sessions) for external PhDs

Next to the face-to-face workshops for internal researchers the library offers remote live Q&A sessions for external researchers as well. Do you want to know more about EndNote’s advanced features, or tackle specific problems, these remote sessions are meant for you.

EndNote advanced workshop

This training helps you to get the most out of EndNote and make your research easier. There is plenty of time to deal with individual questions and/or problems on using EndNote as a research tool. The workshop makes use of EndNote, but other collaborative tools like Mendeley will also be discussed.

EndNote introductory online tutorial

This training gives you a basic understanding about how to use EndNote.

EndNote: Basics (step-by-step)

Evaluate Sources

Evaluating the Search


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