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Find your way in the library

Floorplans, learning spaces, room numbers and routing of the library buildings

Finding information

How to find articles, books, databases and more in the library. A quick overview to get you started.

Finding information for your research (remote sessions) for external PhDs

Next to the face-to-face workshops for internal researchers the library offers remote live Q&A sessions on finding information for your research for external researchers as well.

Funding support

Contact members of the Contract Research Center for personal advice.

GDPR consultancy

GDPR consultancy

Get the PDF

When the library cannot provide access to the publisher version of full-text journal articles, you can use one or more of these tools to find alternative versions of the articles.

Homedrive Employee (i-drive)

Network drive for Personal workrelateddata, data are stored on Maastricht University data centers.

Hours & Locations

Library crowd trackers and overview of library locations and opening hours.


DataHub has deployed its own XNAT research imaging archive (PACS) for the storage of DICOM and other imaging-related data. You can keep your imaging data in a single centralized location and access/download images for further analysis.

Increase your research impact

Strategies to increase the likelihood of an article being cited, discussed or otherwise mentioned in scientific and relevant societal groups.


Contact & Support

For questions or information, use the web form to contact a subject specialist.


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