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Payment in the library

At both library locations, you can pay at the information desk, using your bank card only. You can also charge your UMcard at the charging stations in the libraries.

Peer Point

Peer Point

Peer Point provides free assistance to students studying at Maastricht University and helps them to improve writing and research skills.

Plagiarism check for researchers

Our Similarity Check service helps you to prevent sloppy referencing or plagiarism in any document that you are about to submit for publication. Every UM-affiliated researcher can use this service.

Printing in the library

You can find multi-function printers in all library locations.

Publish an e-journal

Publish your own electronic journal

The University Library provides a comprehensive service for setting up, managing an e-journal and facilitates the different stages of the publishing process, from submitting, reviewing and editing to publishing manuscripts.

Pure Support

Pure & Research Publications Support

Pure & Research Publications Support

Qualtrics – Online survey tool

Build, distribute, and analyse online surveys. Qualtrics is available to Maastricht University staff and students and can be used for teaching, research and business purposes.

Randwyck Computer Facilities

These facilities provide a variety of 260 computer workstations and laptop workplaces (where users may connect their own laptop computers).

Reference List

Course coordinators can store all literature related to a course on one place: Reference List. Every course coordinator has access to this University Library service in order to add the needed literature. Students can make use of it through EleUM.

Registration of your publications

Publications and other relevant research output can be registered in our Current Research Information System – Pure. Output registered in Pure can be made available worldwide via Research Publications.


Contact & Support

For questions or information, use the web form to contact a subject specialist.


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