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KeyLinks Learning Resources

Course coordinators can store all literature related to a course on one place: KeyLinks Learning Resources. Every course coordinator has access to this University Library service in order to add the needed literature. Students can make use of it through Canvas.

Ldot – Research workflow management

Logistical software package for keeping track of your respondents. To be used for sending invitations and reminders. Also to store patient data separately from research data as is required in medical research.


Learning and resource centre collections

All materials related to your course.

Library Access Browser Extension

When you are off-campus, you can use the Library Assist extension to read electronic journal articles, e-books, reviews and other online material provided by the Library without having to login to VPN or visit the Library website first.

Library instruction videos

Short practical videos on how to search, how to borrow, reserve and renew your loans, the UM card, remote access and more.

Library regulations and house rules

Overview of the library regulations and house rules.

Library+ Researcher portal

Library+ Researcher portal, start page for research support by the library

Library+ Student portal

Library+ Student portal, start page for student support by the library

Library+ Teacher portal

Library+ Teacher portal, start page for education support by the library


LibSearch and library catalogue


Contact & Support

For questions or information, use the web form to contact a subject specialist.


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