Call for proposals on Open and Online Education 2022 has been launched

Call for proposals on Open and Online Education 2022 has been launched

Updated on 18 Jun 2021 | Published on 21 May 2021

Open and online education offers opportunities for innovation and quality enhancement of education. The Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science, therefore, provides funding with the incentive scheme on open and online education giving room for projects in two pillars: Online education and Open learning materials.

Two pillars and a year theme

The incentive scheme gives room for projects in two pillars*:

  1. Online education with the specific year theme of blended learning. Within this pillar, funding is granted for the redesign of existing education or the development of new online forms of education.
  2. Open learning materials. Within this pillar, the scheme encourages teaching staff to jointly create and reuse high-quality collections of open learning materials across institutional boundaries. Through collaboration with colleagues in domain-specific communities, they can increase the quality of the learning materials and use their time more efficiently.


* Besides the general website on the incentive scheme all information of SURF is offered in Dutch.

You can submit your project proposal until 15 December 2021. Project proposals can apply for a budget of maximum of either €100.000 (pillar 1) or €175.000 (pillar 2), to be matched (in kind) with the same amount as requested by the faculty or unit.

SURF offers several workshops to get informed and well prepared before submitting a proposal. The library will regularly update the UM Open Education Website with all the relevant information (including the UM roadmap for submitting proposals).

Note: this will be the last call in this program!

Get inspired by previously granted UM project proposals

Maastricht University has been successful 5 years in a row in acquiring OCW/SURF grants. Take a look at the projects and get inspired or into contact with the project leaders!


More info

Before the start of the academic year, we will offer more information on the UM-roadmap for submission. You can check the practical information and a checklist for proposals offered by SURF (in Dutch). You can also contact Gaby Lutgens or your faculty funding advisor for more information.

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