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by | 29 Jan 2018

Are you a teacher? Or responsible for teaching activities? Want to dive into a wealth of education-related materials, such as articles, conference and policy papers? Looking for information on problem-based learning, teaching methods, independent study, student behaviour, etc. Or looking for addresses and managerial information from institutes around the world? Don’t stick to Google, but have a look at these educational databases provided by UM Library.



ERIC (an EBSCO database) provides access to education literature and resources. The database contains more than 1.3 million records and links to more than 323,000 full-text documents dating back to 1966.


LearnTechLib—The Learning and Technology Library

LearnTechLib  Indexes 1000’s of peer-reviewed full-text documents and abstracts of published international journal articles, conference proceedings, reports, dissertations, and more (including e-books, dissertations, video’s and webinars). Developed and supported for and by researchers, librarians, and educators.


Europa World of Learning

Europa World of Learning is a directory to all institutions in Higher Education in the world (not restricted to Europe). It’s a full directory including over 14,000 universities and colleges, 4,000 libraries and archives, 5,000 learned societies, 6,500 research institutes, and 4,900 museums and art galleries. It covers more than 225 countries and territories throughout the world, and for 600 international organisations.


World Higher Education Database

World Higher Education Database is the International Association of Universities’ unique online reference tool that provides comprehensive and detailed information on Higher Education Systems and Credentials (in 186 countries) and Institutions (more than 18,500) around the world.


In ERIC and LearnTechLib you can set up an alert to keep you up to date with the latest article on your topic.


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