Coding bascics for researchers: a four-day workshop

Coding basics for researchers: a four-day workshop

Updated on 26 Aug 2021 | Published on 19 Feb 2021

You do not have to be an expert in computer programming to be a good scientist. Nevertheless, some basic knowledge of programming fundamentals might be very useful in your professional toolbox. This workshop is a hands-on training covering the basic programming skills needed to get you started working reproducibly with code.

The workshop covers:

  • Day 1: Python basics. Python is among the top three  most often used programming languages and will be used in this workshop to introduce programming fundamentals such as variables, types, loops, and functions.
  • Day 2: Command Line (Unix shell). A command line processes commands to your computer in the form of text – as opposed to mouse clicks in a graphical user interface (GUI). Almost everything can be done using a GUI, but as soon as you want to automate or repeat tasks command line is very helpful. Trouble-shooting and connecting to cloud services such as Github or Gitlab might also be easier through command-line. In this workshop, you will learn how to navigate a computer on the command line and create, move, and rename files.
  • Day 3: Version control with Git. Version control is a tool for managing changes to a set of files. The integration of Git with a cloud repository such as Github or Gitlab enables you to work with many people on the same set of files. Different users can view changes and solve conflicting changes together. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Git, how to commit changes to a local repository and how to connect with a Gitlab repository.
  • Day 4 (facultative): Python advanced. On this day you will learn how to interact with a dataset through sub setting and filtering using Python. You will also learn how to visualize your data. At the end, you will be given a basic introduction into UM’s Data Science Research Infrastructure.

The workshop is a joint effort of the Institute of Data Science, the ICT Service Centre, and the University Library.

Target group: Researchers from Maastricht University, who have little to no prior programming experience. We ask students (Bachelor and Master) kindly to not register.

Language: English

Course format: Online using Zoom

Requirements: Laptop, software installed on your computer (instructions will follow after registration)

Costs: Free

More information: Send an e-mail to

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