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Conference Proceedings Citation Index (via the Web of Science)

The Conference Proceedings Citation Indexes (1990-present) – Science (CPCI-S) and Social Science & Humanities (CPCI-SSH) – offer bibliographical access to a curated collection of over 205,900 conference proceedings in the sciences, social sciences and the arts & humanities.

Open database | More info & support

CRSP Mutual Funds (via Wharton)

The CRSP Survivor-Bias-Free US Mutual Fund Database includes identification information, fund objectives, fees, total net assets, monthly and daily net asset values, returns, and distributions.

Open database | More info & support

CRSP US Stocks & Indices 1925 – (via Wharton)

CRSP contains historical data spanning from December 1925 to the present for the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ stock markets.

Open database | More info & support is a French (language) legal database which offers online access to more than 2500 digital works from the major Dalloz collections in their latest edition.

Open database | More info & support is a French (language) full text database of codes, legal journals, encyclopedias, legal commentaries and cases (all courts).

Open database | More info & support


Miljoenen gedigitaliseerde teksten uit Nederlandse kranten, boeken en tijdschriften, uit de collecties van diverse wetenschappelijke instellingen, bibliotheken en erfgoedinstellingen. Ze worden via één zoekingang aangeboden en zijn op woordbasis doorzoekbaar.

Open database | More info & support

Dictionaries Van Dale Online Professional (N-N, N-E, E-N, N-D, D-N, N-F, F-N, N-S, S-N, N-I, I-N, N-P, P-N)

Cumulation of almost all Van Dale dictionaries (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Contemporary Dutch), integrated searchable and presented.

Open database | More info & support


Dimensions is a free accessible citation database, providing citation numbers and alternative metrics (altmetrics) on article level. As UM has no institutional subscription only the free application and options are available for use.

Open database | More info & support

DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals

A directory containing information (and direct links to the full text) about more than 4,000 open access journals.

Open database | More info & support

E-books Academic Subscription Collection (EBSCO)

The EBSCO Academic Subscription Collection contains a large selection of multidisciplinary e-books representing a broad range of academic subjects.

Open database | More info & support


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