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The universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) and Oxford University Press (OUP) have been unable to reach a new agreement for access to academic journals. As a result, OUP will end access to journal articles published from 1 May 2017 onwards, for all Dutch universities and UMCs. This will presumably take place by the end of May. Articles published in previous years and in the period January to April 2017 will remain accessible.  

On this page, we will keep you informed about the developments regarding the ceased negotiations and alternatives for access to the OUP articles from May onwards.

This page will be frequently updated. Stay informed and subscribe (below) to our Library+ Research update.

Read more in UM news item: No agreement between Dutch universities (VSNU) and Oxford University Press (2 May 2017)

Q&A on the agreement with Oxford University Press (OUP)


Wasn’t there an agreement with OUP already in place?
What are the universities requesting OUP?
Why is Open Access so important for universities?
Why are universities unable to renew the ‘big deal’?
What are the consequences for me as a researcher?
Does the outcome of this negotiation apply to all universities?
I’m on the editorial board of a journal published by OUP. What will change for me?
How can I help to facilitate the transition to Open Access as a researcher?
What are the expectations for the future?

Which OUP journals will remain accessible?

All OUP publications prior to May 2017 will remain accessible online via LibSearch > Journals.


Which alternatives are available for access to the 2017 OUP articles?


ResearchGate / Academia / Mendeley
Open Access Button
Kopernio (formerly known as Canary Haz)
Pre-prints / Repositories
Google Scholar
Interlibrary Loan
Request a print

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