Open Access (OA) journals do provide opportunities for researchers to raise the profile of their work and ensure a robust, scholarly communication system. However, some publishers are phony. Authors need to be vigilant when selecting a journal in which to publish. A new so-called OA medical publisher popped up: Biohouse.

Biohouse Publishing Group is a bizarre new OA publisher that launched recently with ten broad-scoped OA journals. The publisher’s website makes it very clear that it’s based in Ashburn, Virginia. It also tries to associate the publisher with the Library of Congress and other legitimate organisations, yet it looks like a complete imposter.

One-week acceptance …

The journals use the logo of the United States Library of Congress on their cover images, and they prominently display their ISSNs. This is done to make the journal appear legitimate to researchers in Asia and Africa, researchers who would benefit from getting articles published in North America-based scholarly journals.

The one-week acceptance proves this is just another predatory publisher that aims to make easy profit from open-access publishing. It charges $400 to publish a paper up to six pages long, with an additional $50 charged for each additional page, a complete rip off. You have to transfer your copyright as well.


Source: Strange, New OA Publisher: Biohouse (Scholarly Open Access blog)

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