Open Access Publishing: a journey around the publishing cycle

Are you ready to elevate your publishing game to new heights? Join us as we guide you through every step of the publishing cycle. This in person interactive session is designed exclusively for group participation.

What to Expect
During our tour, we will inform you about crucial milestones in the publishing cycle, covering everything from preparation and funders to sharing and impact. We will explore topics such as publishing strategy, authoring essentials, submission and review processes, and maximising visibility through effective dissemination. We will stop at various checkpoints to share invaluable tips, support, and services, ensuring you are equipped with the knowledge and resources to succeed.

Tailored Experience
This in person workshop aims to immerse participants in theoretical discussions and practical activities related to Open Access Publishing and Open Science. Our workshop duration, ranging from 1 to 1.5 hours, will be customised to address your group’s specific requirements and preferences. We can build an experience based on a combination of the stops mentioned below and we encourage participants to send in questions prior to the workshop.

These topics will be discussed during the session:

  1. Preparation and Funders (i.e. Finding and using OA sources, OA output requirements by funders)
  2. PhD specials (e.g. PhD thesis)
  3. Publishing strategy (e.g. Policies and Requirements, what journal to publish in, OA requirements and strategy)
  4. Publishers, Journals, Books (e.g. OA publishing deals, Predatory publishers)
  5. Authoring (e.g. Copyright, Referencing and Plagiarism (iThenticate), Reference managers, Publication metadata)
  6. Submission and Review (e.g. License to publish and other legal requirements)
  7. Publication, Registration, Archiving (e.g. Creative Commons Licenses, Pure registration, UM repository, Pure – ORCID sync)
  8. Discovery and Reuse (e.g. Search engines + Indexes)
  9. Sharing and Impact (e.g. social media, Derived formats, Measuring impact)


At the end of this session, you

  • will understand the basics of Open Access, OA publishing, Creative Commons, and sharing research output. Additionally, you will discover tips for identifying reputable open access sources and outlets, ensuring your work reaches the widest audience possible;
  • will learn how to set up an effective publishing strategy for your research output and gain insights into navigating the complexities of open access publishing;
  • will have a deeper understanding of open access principles and the tools to intentionally publish, register, archive, and share your research for maximum impact.

Target Group: Faculty communities, including graduate schools, departments, research institutes, and other academic entities

Language: English or Dutch

Prerequisites: None

Course format: Tailor-made on-site interactive session.

More information & booking this session
This session can be organised upon request. If you are interested, please contact the Scholarly Communication team.

Can’t wait for the workshop? Join our weekly OA Publishing Hour for individuals, where we delve into up to four topics relevant to the publishing cycle. Visit the OA Publishing Hour page for more information.

For any questions or inquiries, reach out to our Scholarly Communication team:

  • Ron Aardening, Scholarly Communication + Publishing Officer
  • Michel Saive, Scientific Information Specialist OER & OA

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